Life Skills Academy


A platform for sharing LIFE SKILLS that will help people expand their skillset, build their capacity and overall confidence in their abilities. LEARN. BUILD. GROW

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A New Way To LEARN

Our mission is To empower and strengthen our community through the delivery of accessible, relevant and practical life skills programs.
We aim To provide life skills education in a way that meets the needs not currently met in our education system.

The LIFE SKILLS ACADEMY was created to deliver Relevant, Practical and Needed skills to our community. Too often has our education system failed us in areas outside of poetry, trigonometry or geometry.. We need skills we can use in REAL LIFE! And that is exactly what we provide.

A new way to learn. A new way to grow. A new way to be a better you!

How we can help

Skills That You Will Actually Use

Our Community Consultation Research has identified a large skills gap in youth education, and life skills including basic budgeting and money management skills. With our vision and mission in mind, we set out to establish a hands-on, interactive and fulfilling program targeted at youth who are looking to get their first job or have recently joined the workforce. We believe that school doesn’t prepare you for some of the most important parts of life. That is why this program is so important and why we continue to receive an incredible amount of interest for it.

We won't waist your time with fluff pieces or space fillers.. Sign up for one of our programs and you will learn REAL SKILLS that you can use in REAL LIFE.

Our Program Suite

Our range of LIFE SKILLS programs is constantly growing and expanding to deliver as many programs as possible. Our range of programs have been established after extensive community engagement research and consultation.


Need to learn how to lodge your tax return? Or want to actually understand what you are being paid by your employer?

Job ready

Programs designed to give you all the skills you need to LAND THAT JOB! Includes: resume building, job search, interview techniques.


Learn how to better understand and communicate with people. Personality types and how to best work with them.

Barista Training

Learn how to make a REAL cup of coffee. Adding this sought after skill to your resume can help you land your first job or shift career pathways.

Car Maintenance

How to change a tire, how to check you oil levels, how to change windscreen wipers. Basically.. how to NOT BREAK YOUR CAR!


How to start and run a business. Information and skills to help you turn that hobby or idea into a REAL BUSINESS!

How We Stay Relevant

  • Community Consultation

    We ask YOU what skills you would like to learn and what would help you in your life.

  • Program Development

    We then build programs designed to deliver these skills in a fun, effective and practical environment.


    We launch the program and open it up to the public. This is where YOU can get involved and LEARN NEW SKILLS!

  • Rinse and Repeat..

    After every program we analyse the IMPACT and NEED for the skill and evaluate the program for the next round.

Contact Us

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