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Car-Care Workshop

REAL skills for REAL life..

The MUST KNOW information and skills you should have if you own a car.

Upcoming Dates

Sunday, 16th of October, 10am. at the HARRIGANS CAR SHOW!
Harrigans Lane, Jacobs Well, QLD

We are coming to Harrrigan's Car Show!

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16th of October. 10am - 11am

Car-Care Workshop

Know how to properly take car of your car! 

Our research has shown that a large portion of people in our community do not know the basics of car maintenance (AND WANT TO LEARN!). That is why we are running a FREE Car-Care Workshop!

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Our Partners..

We would like to thank our partners who without their support, this program would not be possible..

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Dani & Joel

Dani & Joel run the increadible Harrigans Rod & Custom Show. These guys put a huge amount of effort into making this one of the best car shows in Australia. 

They have been so generouse to offer us a position right near the front gate of the car show for us to help teach young drivers about car safety and maintenance.

“To get a license, everyone should know how to change a tyre!” – Joel

So true Joel.. Thank you both for working with us to educate an strengthen our community.

Gary, Lee and the team from Gold Coast Tweed Motor Sporting Club

Gary and Lee recently joined the Rotary Club of Coomera Valley, wher they connected with the team at the Life Skills Academy. Gary is a member of the Motor Sporting Club and has helped us arrange for members of the club to help us educate young people about their cars.

Being in a car club, these guys have so much knowledge and experience to share with drivers to help make our roads more safe and our community more capable.

Thank you for your support in facilitating this program.